Lower your company carbon emissions to receive
financial rewards.

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Committing to a carbon free future


Cliommit strives to reduce carbon emissions produced by businesses and organisations across the

EU by developing an investment platform that financially rewards businesses in proportion to

their ability to actively cut carbon emissions. We achieve this through the establishment of

our mutual fund and redistribution mechanism.

Incentivized carbon reduction

Carbon cost redistribution mechanism

The Cliommit platform provides a mechanism that financially incentivises businesses to cut their carbon emissions. All businesses who choose to participate in our network are asked to contribute to the Cliommit mutual fund where the pooled capital is invested into green ETF's, the contributions made by a business are relative to their carbon emissions.
Our mechanism then redistributes the arbitrage value within the mutual fund to those companies who prove they are lowering their carbon emissions. This financial rewarding system drives competition between businesses by incentivising all participants to lower their carbon emissions.
To put it simply....the more your company lowers carbon emissions within our network the more financial rewards you will receive from the network mutual fund. Furthermore, the mutual fund will finance green technology and sustainable energy projects which, as a result, cultivates a decoupling economy.

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Your companies investment

By investing in sustainable portfolios that provide a sustainable return of investment (SROI) you are able to directly monitor the impact of your investment and record the amount of carbon your investment has mitigated as well as
receiving a ROI at the end of the year.

In doing so you business is able to generate new forms of revenue while supporting green initiatives such as clean energy projects, optimised supply chain projects and green tech companies that are at the growth stage.

Join our platform to send a positive message to your community and stakeholders that you are committed to a sustainable future!

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How it works

A simple 4 step process

  1. Carbon Disclosure & Verification 
  2. Network Participation
  3. Carbon Redistribution
  4. Financial reward

Step 1: Carbon Disclosure and Verification

In order for companies to join the platform they must disclose their carbon emissions through our online calculator so we can assess the required carbon costs. Companies must agree to Cliommit's contractual terms so that company data and documentation can be externally verified if needed.
Disclosing regular billing information is encouraged to verify and update data entries.

Step 2: Network Participation and Contribution

Participating companies are then automatically segmented by their emissions rating and entered into a trading pool on our automated exchange. A carbon cap is assigned to each pool acting as a benchmark for companies to track and compare their progress.
Companies regularly contribute into the Cliommit mutual carbon fund based on their emissions. Any accrued carbon costs that exceed the carbon cap are offset through climate projects!

Carbon distribution model

Step 3: Redistribution

Each company in a pool is then indexed from highest to lowest depending on their carbon emission rating.
The cost that they contribute to the Cliommit carbon fund is relative to the emissions they produce. The ROI is then redistributed to each company in the pool rewarding those with lower carbon emissions.

Step 4: Financial Reward

All funds exceeding the carbon cap are donated to climate projects to offset carbon. All funds contributed to the Cliommit fund are invested into green energy portfolios and Green ETF’s.

Our carbon emission simulation


Two friends with a passion to reduce carbon emissions and drive circular economy growth through incentivized coopetition.

Image of Zeff Sherriff

Zeff Sherriff

Zeff is an entrepreneur with 7 years of product development and marketing experience behind him. He is also the co-founder of Loominate: A creative agency based in Berlin.

An Image of Shashank Rao

Shashank Rao

An early start with BMW and Mega Green trades, Shashank is an expert in visual data and developer with a focus on backend systems and database management.

Feel free to check out our Github for development updates at https://github.com/Cliommit

Interested in knowing more then get in touch!

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